Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Sky Wine Carafe w/Cask

Kr 1.350

Supplier: Georg Jensen
Designer: Aurélien Barbry
Material: Glass, Polished stainless steel
Dimensions: H: 231 mm. Diameter: 195mm, 0.75L
Maintenance: See tips for maintenance here

The elegant SKY wine decanter is perfect whether you want to gather friends for a big party or have a quiet evening. The carafe's opening is cut and then hand-polished to make pouring optimal. The carafe holds 0.75 l when filled to the point where it is widest, which gives maximum decanting effect to aerate the wine.

The glass is handmade in Portugal and the smart wine barrel is designed to catch wine drops before they hit the table surface.

Georg Jensen

With a history stretching back more than 100 years, Georg Jensen represents unique artisanal quality and timeless aesthetic design that ranges from small silverware to watches, jewelery and products for the home.

Georg Jensen's own philosophy was to create democratic design with both functionality and beauty. His craftsmanship and artistic talent, combined with his ability to identify and support design talent, were the foundations on which he built the Georg Jensen business in Copenhagen in 1904.