Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Koppel Jug 0.75L

Kr 2.400

Supplier: Georg Jensen
Design: Henning Koppel

Material: Bright stainless steel
Dimensions: 0.75 L H: 248mm
Washing instructions: Hand wash. See tips for maintenance here

A beautiful jug that is also one of Georg Jensen's most iconic works. The slim and elegant jug was designed by the legendary designer Henning Koppel. The jug was first shaped in 1952. It is understated, sensual and with an elegantly extended handle and a prominent spout.

This jug is the little brother of the original HK jug of 1.9 L. With its 0.75 L, the jug is just as nice for pouring water from, as a vase or as a beautiful wine decanter.

Of all the designers who have worked with Georg Jensen over the years, Henning Koppel was one of the most renowned. His designs played an important and influential role in the Georg Jensen brand, especially in the second half of the 20th century. The designer had experience as a sculptor before switching his focus to jewellery, body parts and cutlery.

Georg Jensen

With a history spanning more than 100 years, Georg Jensen represents unique craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design ranging from small silverware to watches, jewelery and products for the home.

Georg Jensen's own philosophy was to create democratic design with both functionality and beauty. His craftsmanship and artistic talent, combined with his ability to identify and support design talent, were the foundations on which he built the Georg Jensen business in Copenhagen in 1904.