Georg Jensen Damask

Georg Jensen Damask Terry Bath Towel 70x140cm

Kr 540

Exclusive towel in 100% double-twisted combed cotton terry of the highest quality. Pure everyday luxury that is distinguished by high drying ability and d is adorned with an interwoven logo as a seal of quality. The gorgeous terry quality only gets better the more it is used.

The color Light Gray is inspired by a classic Nordic color scale, which makes the gray bath towel a stylish element in the interior. The light gray color shade is great in a monochrome, minimalist bathroom environment, but at least as great in the company of colour.

The DAMASK TERRY series is woven from 100% double-twisted, combed cotton yarn. The series focuses on functionality, quality and beauty. The high quality, color fastness and simple design make the powerful Damask terrycloth a classic.

With a history that spans generations, Georg Jensen Damask represents unique artisanal quality and timeless aesthetic design that covers all forms of textiles for the home. The story officially started in 1756, when Andreas Jensen married Kirsten Christensdatter. Together they laid the foundation for the Georg Jensen Damask we know today.

The philosophy of the Georg Jensen Damask family was to create democratic and different design products of high quality, with great functionality and beauty. A philosophy they still manage according to. Today, Georg Jensen Damask is a modern textile business, with a modern Scandinavian expression.

  • Material:100% cotton
  • Dimensions:70x140cm
  • Color:Light gray
  • Wash at 60°C.
  • For the colored products, we recommend detergent for colored textiles without bleach to preserve the product's colors as best as possible.
  • Before using the product for the first time, we recommend that you unfold it completely, soak it in cold water for approx. 1 hour and wash it at 60°C. This will cause the loops to lock and reduce the risk of thread pull-out.
  • Should you experience thread pulling, you can simply cut the thread. The product is woven so tightly that it will not unravel, but simply locks itself.
  • If you want soft terry cloth, drying in a tumble dryer is recommended. Avoid overfilling the washer and dryer so that the product can move freely and excess fibers can be removed.