Georg Jensen Damask

Georg Jensen Damask Plain Linen Napkin 2pk 45x45cm Mineral green

Kr 370
Supplier: Georg Jensen Damask
Design: Jette Nevers

Material: 100% linen

Dimensions: 45x45cm
Colour: Mineal green
Quantity: 2 pcs

Washing instructions: Follow the washing instructions on the product. For maintenance tips, see here
Number: 2 pcs

The soft linen napkin is a beautiful version of a classic textile napkin. The satin weave with fine linen thread of the highest quality and the characteristic edge give the linen napkin a light, Nordic and elegant appearance.

With its simple design, the napkin is a beautiful and refined addition to the table setting. It is very well suited to a classic setting, but can also create value and be an aesthetic experience in a more informal context - where it is set up without a tablecloth. Just as nice for large dinners as for a simple breakfast or on the garden table.

Georg Jensen Damask

With a history that spans generations, Georg Jensen Damask represents unique artisanal quality and timeless aesthetic design that covers all forms of textiles for the home. The story officially started in 1756, when Andreas Jensen married Kirsten Christensdatter. Together they laid the foundation for the Georg Jensen Damask we know today.

The philosophy of the Georg Jensen Damask family was to create democratic and different design products of high quality, with great functionality and beauty. A philosophy they still manage according to. Today, Georg Jensen Damask is a modern textile business, with a modern Scandinavian expression.