Georg Jensen Damask

Georg Jensen Damask Arne Jacobsen Tablecloth 140x270cm White

Kr 2.610

Supplier: Georg Jensen Damask
Designer: Arne Jacobsen
Material: Woven from 100% Egyptian, double spun, combed cotton
Dimensions: 140x270cm NOTE! Measurements given are measurements after washing.
Color: White

Washing instructions: Follow the washing instructions on the product. For maintenance tips, see here

Beautiful damask fabric with a pattern designed by Arne Jacobsen. The characteristic design has been selected from many surviving sketches, and was launched in 2002 as a tribute to Arne Jacobsen on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The timeless pattern creates calm and symmetry in a modern table setting and completes Arne Jacobsen's design universe, which previously did not include table textiles.

Choosing the size of the tablecloth depends on how much drape you want. We recommend 20-30 cm on the sides and ends of the table so that the tablecloth has the nicest drape. For example, if you have a table of 1 x 2 metres, we recommend the size 140 x 240 cm.

By using a tablecloth base, the tablecloth will lie nice and firm and will not slide on the surface of the table. It will also protect the dining table against shocks, moisture and stains. You can find the cloth underlay here

Georg Jensen Damask

With a history that spans generations, Georg Jensen Damask represents unique artisanal quality and timeless aesthetic design that covers all forms of textiles for the home. The story officially started in 1756, when Andreas Jensen married Kirsten Christensdatter. Together they laid the foundation for the Georg Jensen Damask we know today.

The philosophy of the Georg Jensen Damask family was to create democratic and different design products of high quality, with great functionality and beauty. A philosophy they still manage according to. Today, Georg Jensen Damask is a modern textile business, with a modern Scandinavian expression.