Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Bernadotte Carafe 1.1 ltr

Kr 700

This beautiful carafe is inspired by Sigvard Bernadotte's milk jug from 1938. The carafe is made of fluted mouth-blown glass and has a steel lid with a silicone seal which makes the carafe airtight when the lid is on. With its slim shape, it fits perfectly on the shelf in the fridge.

The carafe turns an everyday object into a beautiful detail and fits equally well in a classic as well as a modern interior.

The first products in the Bernadotte series were launched in the late 1930s, and were designed by Swedish Sigvard Bernadotte. He is one of the most popular and successful collaborators in Georg Jensen's history, and his clean and sparingly decorated style has helped to modernize the silverware industry.

With a history spanning more than 100 years, Georg Jensen represents unique craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design ranging from small silverware to watches, jewelery and products for the home.

Georg Jensen's own philosophy was to create democratic design with both functionality and beauty. His craftsmanship and artistic talent, combined with his ability to identify and support design talent, were the foundations on which he built the Georg Jensen business in Copenhagen in 1904.

  • Design:Sigvard Bernadotte
  • Material:Glass
  • Dimensions:H: 305mm. Ø: 80mm 1.1L

We recommend hand washing this product. Make sure you don't alternate between very cold and very hot water, it won't tolerate glass and can crack the carafe.