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Fredrik Kayser - Furniture design

Kr 295

Author: Mats Linder
Title: Fredrik Kayser - Furniture design
Publisher: Papiret Forlag
Language: Bokmål
Sides: 112 pages

Fredrik Kayser was a Norwegian furniture designer. For Kayser, it was not enough to think functionally. He was a virtuoso who wanted the furniture to be experienced. The Krysset chair and the Hertug sideboard are almost works of art. Several of his classics are still in production.

This publication is part of the award-winning book series that pays tribute to Norwegian designers who deserve a rightful place in people's consciousness. Norway has a rich design and craft culture that author Mats Linder has immersed himself in. The books are intended as an introduction to the background history and the designer's selected works.
The book has both Norwegian and English text.

Mats Linder

Mats Linder is a writer and author and produces books about Norwegian design at a breakneck pace. He wants to focus on design and handicrafts from the Scandinavian countries - Scandinavian Design, and aims to raise interest and knowledge about design from Scandinavia by publishing biographies of designers, company reviews and reproducing old advertising. He also wants to focus on what is moving within the design scene today and interviews designers and business leaders who have something on their mind.