Fram Oslo

Scrape Box Oak

Kr 2.875

Skave is a wooden storage box, with architectural decoration, designed by the trio Ytre from Bergen.

The designers have been inspired by traditional building practices from Western Norway. They have found the beauty in a sober architecture with repetitive elements, which should withstand harsh weather and the humid western climate. They have interpreted this architectural art and highlighted the repetitive motifs in their design Skave.

Ytre has managed to create a storage box that we like to look at every day. It is a piece of jewelery in itself, while also having a clear function. The design is traditional, but new, and safeguards both cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

Skava is made by hand at Kvass in Dovre. Skave was the winner of the design competition Fram Oslo x Håndverk, autumn 2021. The exterior consists of Taran Neckelmann, Ayla Gürsoy and Njål Hatteberg.

Skave, which was showcased at the ICFF design fair in NYC in May, was also the winner of the renowned design competition NYC x Design Awards 2022, in the category for students. The award emphasizes outstanding design, and the jury consists of leading people from the design industry.

Fram Oslo was established in 2016 and is a Norwegian furniture and interior design brand inspired by the Norwegian design heritage. In collaboration with skilled designers from Norway, the company wants to pay tribute to Norwegian nature and a functional lifestyle through clean, local materials. Fram Oslo works for a sustainable future and 15% of all profits go to UNICEF's work for the world's children.

  • Designer:Exterior
  • Producer:Kvass at Dovre
  • Material:Oak
  • Dimensions:18.5x11.5x30.5cm

Can be wiped with a damp cloth.