Fitjar Isfjord Soap Refill 1 Liter

Kr 500

Supplier: Fitzgerald
1 L - Vegan, without SLS and SLES - Glass bottle
Area of ​​use: Hand soap

Liquid hand soap and soap for hair and body - with the scent of arctic summer.

Earth and bedrock, scents that capture the essence of Svalbard in the period from May to November - until the harsh winter sets in and snows the landscape. In the summer months, a salty sea breeze sweeps over the Isfjorden, carrying with it the scents of seaweed and blooming arctic moss – throwing them into the air and spreading them along the rocky coast.

By using the 1-litre refill bag, you can make Isfjord your signature scent at home. In the spirit of minimalism, this versatile product can also be used as shampoo, let it become your all-round soap for both hands, skin and hair. The practical 1 liter bag is enough to fill your bottles two or four times. You get a much better deal by buying the refill bag than ordering new bottles each time.

Isfjord was developed in collaboration with Isfjord Radio Hotel on Kapp Lineé in Svalbard. It is our first in a series of scents from the Arctic.

Fitjar Islands

The name Fitjar Islands is based on the fact that all development and production takes place on Fitjar, on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by the Fitjar Islands. The Fitjar Islands - both those inhabited by islanders who enjoy the true West Norwegian lifestyle, and uninhabited islands that invite us to explore and experience the scents, light and fresh air that characterize this part of Norway. The products are inspired by this area and become well-being products that represent Norwegian simplicity and freshness. All fragrances are inspired by the nature around the Fitjar islands.