Emo Edding 330 Permanent Marker 1-5mm Black

Kr 50

Supplier: Emo
Dimensions: 1-5mm line width, marker 14cm
Material: Quick drying ink
Color: Black

This permanent marker pen uses fast-drying ink and is water and smudge-resistant, so you can write clear and smudge-free lines. It is specially designed as a versatile marking pen and useful for a wide range of tasks. The Edding 330 permanent marker pen has a wide beveled tip with a stroke width of 1–5 mm and is excellent for tasks that require bold and free-flowing writing.

It writes smoothly on almost all surfaces, such as plastic, metal, glass and wood. The marking pen has a slim, light design that makes it very comfortable and easy to use. Furthermore, it can be refilled and is thus an ecological alternative.


Emo is Norway's leading total supplier on the market for office and computer supplies. All sales take place through 2,500 dealers covering the entire country. Emo supplies, among other things, to office and computer retailers, all book and paper retailers, telecommunications and electronics retailers, grocery chains, photo shops and a large number of other shops.

Emo is a direct continuation of Emil Moestue AS, which was established in 1883. Emo is today a division of Staples Solutions Norway AS. Emo stocks more than 15,000 products and has the environment as an important criterion. This applies to both the product range, own internal consumption and the transport of goods into and out of storage. Emo is a major player in logistics and constantly works with coordinated and best possible utilization of transport capacity.
More and more of the goods come from the East, but Emo always chooses Norwegian products where they can compete on price and quality. This means, among other things, that many of Emo's paper products are produced in Norway.