Deco Echo

Deco Echo Bracelet Silver Gilt/Brown/Black

Kr 9.500

Bracelet in gold-plated and oxidized silver with a matt surface. Beautiful bracelet with 5 rows of "pearls" in various shades of brown and gold. The lock is attached with two slots and a strong magnet, easy to take off and on without help.

Deco Echo is a collective of designers from Poland. The jewelery is produced at their workshop in Krakóv. The jewelery is made of 926 silver and natural stones. The silver is treated in various ways to create a wide range of structures, surfaces and colours. Poland has long had a unique tradition of silversmithing which is now becoming more noticed across Europe

Designer:Anna Król
Material:Silver 925 gold-plated and oxidized
Dimensions:Width 25mm Length 190mm (approx. standard size medium)

Store your jewelery in an airtight bag. The jewelery can be gently wiped with a soft cloth, but the oxidation will wear off both with use and if you rub hard. Never store your jewelery in the bathroom. Should the oxidation disappear,
a jeweler can re-oxidize it.