Dorothy Inside Information: Director's Cut Poster 50x70cm

Kr 550

Supplier: Dorothy
Dimensions: 50x70cm
Material: 120 gram uncoated paper
Specification: Silkscreen 3 colors

The distinctive Arriflex 35 IIC is one of the most significant film cameras in history, and was a favorite among the new wave of cinematographers in the 60s and 70s. The handheld camera was known to be Stanley Kubrick's favorite, and his 1971 cult classic "A Clockwork Orange" was shot almost entirely with an Arri 35 IIC.

Dorothy's new print shows the internal miniature universe inside this classic film camera. Take a closer look and see how many scenes from famous films you can identify. The print references 60 of the greatest films of all time, including iconic scenes from Taxi Driver, Psycho, The Godfather, The Shining, Alien, Trainspotting, Apocalypse Now and A Clockwork Orange, to name a few. Enough to entertain even the most fanatical film fans.

Sold without frame.

We are Dorothy

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