Coccoina Mia Bookbinding glue 50g

Kr 45

Supplier: Cocaine
Material: White PVA glue

Dimensions: 50g

Liquid bookbinding glue in a 50g tube. The glue is a white PVA glue that dries transparent. It can be used for paper, cardboard, cardboard, wood and fabric. The glue is applied with a brush and can also be made thinner by mixing with water. It dries within 4-5 hours, depending on the amount applied.

The glue contains no solvents and can be easily removed with water if you do it before the glue dries. Remember to screw the lid on tightly after use to prevent the glue in the tube from drying.


Coccoina is an Italian brand that has been producing its fragrant glue since 1927.