C Soaps

C Soaps Miracle Cream w/Sponge Lavender 300g

Kr 200

A scouring cream for porcelain, steel, hobs, the oven door, silverware, the bath, the wash basin, joints between tiles, plastic, plexiglass, chrome and even copper, silver and gold will be shiny and clean again. No chemicals, only finely powdered clay and a little soap, means that everything is in a box. Simple, clean and pretty.

C soaps is a Norwegian detergent brand that was launched in 2014 and makes detergents for you and your home that do not harm you, your children, nature or the fish in the sea. C soaps do not contain synthetic detergents, perfume, color or ingredients with strange names that you need to be a chemist to understand what they mean. In addition, the products are vegan. The products come in
environmentally friendly packaging and are a favorite as soon as you start using them.

  • Crowd:300g
  • Fragrance:Lavender
  • Use:Moisten the sponge, or a cloth (if you are very afraid of scratching), and rub on the cream until it foams, brush and rinse well with lukewarm water. Go over with a cloth or kitchen towel if necessary. Rinse the sponge/cloth and let it dry after use.