C Soaps

C Soaps Multispray Lavender 750ml

Kr 160

When you are short on time and the kitchen counter or table is dirty. You will become addicted to this everyday hero. Put it on the kitchen counter and use it all over the house. Spray on, pull the cloth over and bingo, it's clean. An easy wash of the kitchen counter, office, car or boat and you don't need to rinse.

C soaps is a Norwegian detergent brand that was launched in 2014 and makes detergents for you and your home that do not harm you, your children, nature or the fish in the sea. C soaps do not contain synthetic detergents, perfume, color or ingredients with strange names that you need to be a chemist to understand what they mean. In addition, the products are vegan. The products come in
environmentally friendly packaging and are a favorite as soon as you start using them.

  • Crowd:750 ml
  • Fragrance:Lavender
  • Use:It can be used on surfaces made of wood, stone and most types of marble (check with the manufacturer first and do a small test yourself on a limited area), but not glass