C Soaps

C Soaps Housewash Lavender 500ml

Kr 150

Supplier: C Soaps
Scent: Lavender
Quantity: 500ml
Use: 2 tablespoons or 20 ml for a 5 liter bucket is more than enough to wash your house, cabin or car

This everyday hero washes dirty floors and dusty surfaces like a white, sorry green tornado. Take a deep breath over the bucket before you start, then the job might be even easier. At least it smells good and doesn't leave any scary chemical traces.

C Soaps

In 2015, Caroline C launched soap and detergents. The idea of ​​getting chemicals out of houses and cabins and proper soaps into Norwegian homes has become part of many Norwegians' everyday lives. Heyerdahl works with good self-composed eco-fragrances in packaging that no one has seen before standing around in town and countryside, mountains and fjords.