Braun Analog Alarm Clock BC03 Black

Kr 500

BC03B classic analog alarm clock has easy-to-understand setting options and the iconic yellow seconds hand that has become synonymous with Braun's award-winning design history.

The clean, simple dial and those the luminous hands provide good readability, and it moves quietly and precisely. The snooze and light function make it a perfect alarm clock.

Made to last from reliable and durable raw materials.

In the mid-1950s, Braun and Dieter Rams introduced modern industrial design to the general public. The products Dieter Rams designed for Braun have, among other things, inspired Apple's clean design line. Alarm clocks are no exception. Today's award-winning range of Braun watches are designed and built with a focus on quality and precision.

  • Designer:Dieter Rams
  • Dimensions:7.8x7.8cm, Depth 3.2cm
  • Color:Black
  • Model:BC03B