Bodil Mogstad Skipnes

Skipnes Egg glass 1pc Black

Kr 300

Egg glass made by artisan Bodil Mogstad Skipnes in her workshop in Hamar. These are hand-turned on a turntable. The glaze is self-developed. Different groove patterns in the surface emphasize that each product is unique.

Bodil Mogstad is a craftsman and ceramicist who works with smaller works such as cups, bowls and ceramic pictures. She turns by hand and makes most of the glazes herself. She mostly works with cups in various sizes, adapted to the new coffee machines, with matching bowls and mugs.

  • Supplier:Bodil Mogstad Skipnes
  • Material:Porcelain
  • Dimensions:4.5cm, handmade ceramics vary so all measurements are approximate measurements
  • Color:Black and white

Hand washing