Priest Collar Earrings Large Gilded/White

Kr 1.840

Beautiful earrings in gilded silver and enamel with priest's collar from Opro. The earrings are produced in Oslo .

Opro is one of Norway's oldest goldsmith's workshops and is located in the center of Oslo. The name Opro is an acronym for Ole Petter Rasch-Olsen, who took over the goldsmith's workshop after Finn Jensen in 1976. Today, the company is continued by his daughter and master goldsmith June Rasch-Olsen. Opro mainly makes silver jewelery with enamel. Enamel is crushed glass with various metal oxides added - which in turn give colour. It is a demanding subject, which Opro masters to the tips of his fingers.

  • Material:925 silver, gilt and enamel
  • Dimensions:About 2.2 cm
  • Color:White. Handmade enamel may vary slightly in shades.

Store the jewelery in an airtight bag. Use a cleaning cloth on parts that are silver. Handmade enamel may vary slightly in shades.
Enamel is glass and can break. If you are unlucky and get a crack in the enamel, contact the supplier for repair. Never store your jewelery in the bathroom.