O My Bag

O My Bag Beck's Bum Bag Apple Leather Black

Kr 2.000

Beck's Bum Bag is a smart bag that holds exactly what you need, regardless of whether you are going for a short trip to the store or to a party. The bag comes with a strap in patterned cotton canvas, and can be used both as a crossbody bag or as a shoulder bag.
Beck's Bum Bag has a large main compartment with 4 pockets for credit cards and a zipped pocket on both the front and back. Beck's Bum Bag is a timeless bag, meant to last.

Apple leather is O My Bag's vegan alternative to leather. It is a bio-based material made from the waste from the production of juice and elp sauce. The waste is ground into fine-grained powder which is mixed with an organic and non-toxic pigment. Finally, this is mixed with synthetic materials so that it becomes a material that measures up to the quality of real leather. Apple leather contains up to 40% waste of apple peel, cores and fibers from the fruit, and both feels and looks like a high-quality material. As with normal leather, this material will also get scratches and marks after use. Apple Leather will age beautifully and the bag will get even nicer as you use it.

O My Bag is a Dutch bag brand that makes beautiful and timeless bags with a high focus on quality in both materials and production. They have a desire to make a difference in the world and believe in trade rather than aid. They have chosen to use factories in India to produce the bags, and have strict requirements for both working conditions and wages. Every year they donate 1% of their profits back to the local community and want to direct this towards women's education and environmental innovation.

O My Bag wants to create a positive difference and by choosing materials and production that all have sustainability and social conditions as a prerequisite for production. Still, even though they are an eco-friendly bag brand, they will never compromise on quality, appearance and function. The bags are meant to last a long time - a favorite you can use year after year.

Supplier:O My Bag
Material:Apple Leather - a vegan alternative to leather
Dimensions:L:19xW:3xH:15cm. Length of strap: Min 55 cm - Max 85 cm

It is recommended to insert the leather with a product suitable for this. Check on a small area before using it on the whole bag.