Oslo Aula

Oslo Aula Philippines Barrel Large Olive

Kr 750

Filipine encourages us to preserve old traditions and is a perfect gift to give yourself or someone you love. The shape is inspired by nuts, and the barrels are hand-painted in naturally pigmented hardwax oil, which highlights the structure of the wood. The barrels are produced in Drammen and Oslo.

Auditorium for Norway Designs

We asked the Norwegian design agency Aula if they could create a new Norwegian Christmas product, and the result is the lovely Filipina oak barrels. The dishes are inspired by one of the oldest Christmas traditions we have in Norway, namely eating nuts. The name Filipine comes from the traditional party game of the same name, which has also been a Christmas tradition in Norway since the early 19th century. The game consists of finding two nuts in the same shell, and if you find one, you eat one yourself and give the other to a friend. The players must then next time they meet to see which of the two remembers to say the word Philippines first. Whoever says the word first has won, and is entitled to a prize from the other.

Aula is an anthropological design agency that develops visual expressions within a spectrum of the design field, such as branding, set design, interior architecture and product development. The common denominator in their work is that they draw an anthropological way of thinking into the subject of design, i.e. the study of people and cultures.

Aula's main goal is to uncover and understand how we humans shape and are shaped by our surroundings; the homes we live in, the things we surround ourselves with and the art we like. By entering into our projects with a focus on these relationships between people, space and object, they constantly work in parallel between actor and recipient, and in that way create a more directed and sustainable final product.

  • Material:Oak / hand painted in naturally pigmented hardwax oil
  • Dimensions:25x16cm
  • Color:Nut brown

Wipe over with a damp cloth