Artline Calligraphy marker 2mm Black

Kr 45

Supplier: Artline
Materials: Water-based
Dimensions : Length: 14cm Tip width: 2mm
Colour: Black

Calligraphy marker with fiber tip and tip width of 2mm. Water-based pigment ink without Xylene. Suitable for writing place cards, invitations or letters.


For almost 50 years, whatever the occasion, message or idea, Artline has helped things flow better. Artline was created by the Japanese organization Shachihata, which has always strived to set the highest standards for its products, while maintaining its concern for the environment. In fact, Shachihata has obtained ISO certification for both quality assurance and environmental management systems. The result is a large selection of pens and markers for all purposes, manufactured with responsibility for the highest quality standards and known worldwide.