Arabia Moomin cup Misa Yellow

Kr 270

Supplier: Arabia
Design: Tove Jansson, Tove Slotte
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Ø 8.3 cm x H 8.1 cm / 0.3L
Colour: Yellow
Washing instructions: Dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe . Oven safe up to 250 °C.

Misa is a scared and somewhat neurotic character. She looks unhappy in her red apron, but she helps Mummy with all the housework. Misa and the dog Ynk share secrets that Snork Miss finds out, and Snork Miss helps Misa find a solution to her problems. This is a relief for Misa and Ynk, and they learn to play and have fun like the rest of the Moomin family.


Rörstrand set up a Finnish factory in Helsinki on a plot of land called Arabia and in 1874 production started. Arabia became a pioneer in Finnish design and has created the popular Moomin cups. The products are characterized by their beauty, quality and functionality, the cups have become very popular collector's items all over the world. Arabia Moomin is based on Tove Jansson's original drawings and illustrations.