Antalis Scandia 100g A4 Paper Yellow-toned 500 pcs

Kr 985
Supplier: Antalis
Brand: Scania 2000
Dimensions: A4 21x29.7 cm
Thickness: 100gr
Quantity: Pk 500 pcs
Color: The yellow tone

Classic paper in matt, uncoated quality.
They come in three different thicknesses: 100gr, 150gr and 200gr. The paper runs in all standard printers, both laser and inkjet.

Scania 2000

Scandia 2000 is an uncoated premium fine matt offset quality paper, with a very pleasant surface. Scandia comes in the colors white, yellow and natural and has a matching envelope assortment. ECF labeled and meets the requirement for the Swan label.

The paper is suitable for everything from design programs to direct advertising. It is a universal uncoated paper with a high quality feel for brochures, magazines, books and illustrated catalogues.