Anette Krogstad

Anette Krogstad Cup Deep Sea Green

Kr 565

A small and neat coffee cup that fits well in the hand. The outside is matt green and comfortable to hold. The inside has a shiny layer of glaze, with a play of colour, both to give the cup durability and to create an interesting contrast to the outside.

Deep Sea and Pink Swirl

Two tableware and glazes specially designed for Norway Designs. Pink Swirl and Deep Sea are two different glaze styles and the tableware comes in four parts; dinner, lunch, bowl and cup as well as large serving bowls. Sizes and shape are designed so that the various parts can suit several purposes. The glazing technique is the same on both tableware and the colors harmonize well together. This opens up the opportunity to combine different parts and compose your unique tableware. It is dishwasher safe, but care must be taken when handling as it is handmade and fired at slightly lower temperatures than industrial crockery.

Ceramicist and designer Anette Krogstad produces crockery for several restaurants and customers such as; Noma in Copenhagen, formerly Pjoltergeist and Ylajali, Alex sushi, Bruket and Table Tales.

Her projects often revolve around the themethe meal,sharing food and the interpersonal meetings around the table. She is inspired by the endless changes in nature and how the seasons affect colour, smell and the tactility of nature. The various glaze models often bear the stamp of this with names such as; Seafoam, Foggy Forest, Lichen and Deep Sea. She wants to preserve traditional craft techniques such as turning, "sausage technique" and "pinching", combined with a special interest in glazing. At the same time, she wants to move forward, often by reflecting on new movements in society - especially with a focus on the importance of social interpersonal meeting points in an everyday life that is more and more marked by technological development.

Supplier:Anette Krogstad


Dimensions:H7xD8cm, handmade ceramics vary slightly, all measurements are therefore approximate measurements

Color:Green tones, handmade glaze so that all pieces are unique

Dishwasher safe (handle with care)