Aiayu Baby Beanie Brown

Kr 1.200

BABY is a soft and incredibly comfortable hat that will keep you warm all winter. It's made from thick and airy llama wool, and has a wide, ribbed edge that's perfect for folding up.

Aiayu - pronounced [ai-ya-yu] - means 'soul' in the indigenous Aymara language of Bolivia. Their label was founded in 2005 by Maria Høgh Heilmann to create products with consideration for the environment, the worker and the user. Fabrics are chosen for their structures and tactile properties, how they feel against the skin. The gentle, natural palette reveals materials and yarns primarily in their natural color without the use of chemical dyes. The garments are made in Bolivia, India and Nepal and are closely linked to their origins and people.

Material:This product is made from an exceptionally soft blend of 82% undyed llama and 18% recycled polyamide. Comes from Bolivia and is knitted in Nepal. Color:Pure Chocolate Fit:Normal fit

Wool is self-supporting and can often be aired instead of washed. If you want to wash the garment, we recommend hand washing, 30 degrees, with high-quality wool soap. Squeeze out excess water with a towel. Dry flat.