Ea Pendant Large Light Aqua

Kr 1.000

Ea pendant is a summery and feminine handmade pendant in silver and enamel. Ea has an organic shape inspired by the flower Hydrangea and its petals. Chain must be purchased additionally.

The pendant is handmade at Embla's workshop in Risør, which helps to make it unique and charming. Small variations may occur.

The jewelery workshop Embla produces silver and enamel jewellery. Design manager is Asta Gautland Andersen. Embla was started as an AMO course in 1992, where course participants received vocational training in the goldsmith trade. Today, the company is run by Asta, who has been involved from the very beginning, and Tone and Cathrine, who joined later. These three carry out both design and jewelery production. The company has a charming workshop in connection with its own outlet, centrally located in Risør.

  • Design:Asta Gautland Andersen
  • Material:Silver 925S and enamel
  • Color:Light Aqua
  • Dimensions:L: 40mm (incl. suspension) W: 40mm.

Store the jewelery in an airtight bag. Use a cleaning cloth on silver parts. Handmade enamel may vary slightly in shades. Enamel is glass and can break. If you are unlucky and get a crack in the enamel, contact the supplier for repair. Never store your jewelry in the bathroom.