Traveler's Company

BRASS Fountain pen

Kr 1.145

Traveler's Company's fountain pen in brass is a compact pen in a size that is easy to carry and that gets a good length when you remove the cap to write with it. The pen is made of brass and has a clip and pen split in steel.

The pen uses standard ink cartridges and it comes with an extra cartridge in black ink.

There is a ring on top of the pen. If you wish, you can, for example, put it on a hook and hang the pen wherever you want - perhaps on the key ring. The pen also has a clip, which can be removed if you wish - but is also handy if you want to attach it to your Travelers notebook - or another notebook.

The pen is beautifully engraved with the Traveler's Company logo. The brass will oxidize over time and give the pen a patina that will make it even more beautiful if possible.

Traveler's Company is a Japanese company that started its development of the Traveler's Notebook concept in 2006. They regularly expand their range of accessories and refill books with various papers in great Japanese quality. You start with a Traveler's leather cover and select notebooks with suitable paper, watercolour, lined or classic blank writing paper, there are 24 different notebook refills to choose from that suit everyone. If you want to have several different notebooks at the same time, you can supplement with elastics. This is how you create a completely unique notebook where you can easily replace the various books when they are full of thoughts and ideas.

  • Material:Brass, steel
  • Dimension:Ø: 11mm H: 102mm (with lid on)
  • Size of pen split:Fine
    Made in Japan