Georg Jensen Damask

Georg Jensen Damask Plain Tablecloth 165x350cm Mineral Green

Kr 4.210

PLAIN is a classic satin-woven linen cloth that falls heavily and beautifully. The material gives the tablecloth a rustic look, and it can be used both everyday and on festive occasions.

The linen cloth is designed by Georg Jensen's own design team with a focus on functionality, quality and beauty. Properties and values ​​that have followed Georg Jensen Damask throughout the centuries.

Previously, they wove everything in linen, and the cloth pays tribute to the strong traditions of the past through both the choice of material and the embroidered logo. As a material, linen is soft and heavy, but above all luxurious. The tablecloth is beautiful even if it is not freshly ironed. That makes it obvious to vary and play with the expression in the table setting. Linen napkins in gray or white with an embroidered logo complete the expression.

By using a tablecloth base, the tablecloth will lie nice and firm and will not slide on the surface of the table. It will also protect the dining table against shocks, moisture and stains.

With a history that spans generations, Georg Jensen Damask represents unique artisanal quality and timeless aesthetic design that covers all forms of textiles for the home. The story officially started in 1756, when Andreas Jensen married Kirsten Christensdatter. Together they laid the foundation for the Georg Jensen Damask we know today.

The philosophy of the Georg Jensen Damask family was to create democratic and different design products of high quality, with great functionality and beauty. A philosophy they still manage according to. Today, Georg Jensen Damask is a modern textile business, with a modern Scandinavian expression.

  • Design:Jette Nevers
  • Material:Satin woven from 100% linen
  • Dimensions:165x350 cm
  • Color:Light green
  • Wash at 40°C, gentle cycle.
  • For the colored products, we recommend detergent for colored textiles without bleach to preserve the product's colors as best as possible.
    Wash separately the first few times, as linen can shed excess fibres.
  • We recommend that you unfold the product completely before washing and avoid overfilling the machine. The product is easily stretched after washing. We recommend hanging the product to dry, as it gives a smoother result.
  • Then hang the product to dry and iron it while it is still damp.