Nufferton Uno Old School Unisex Pajamas Beige/Blue

Kr 2.300

Supplier: Nufferton
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Fit: Normal Fit
Colour: Beige/Blue
Washing instructions: Wash at 40 degrees. Wash inside out

A unisex pajama designed to look equally good on everyone.
And made from 100% organic yarn-dyed cotton.

It has a comfortable fit, short collar, two outer pockets on the jacket and two side pockets on the trousers.

The pajamas are made in Croatia from Portuguese cotton.


Nufferton was founded in 2016 on one simple idea: to create a modern version of the almost forgotten but wonderful pyjamas, made for the sheets... and the streets. The loungewear brand was developed in Stockholm, and that may not be a coincidence. Swedes spend more time at home than anyone else in the world.

"Although we are complete slackers who wear pajamas to the office, there is no doubt that we aim high. We treat our pajamas as works of art. Every inch is carefully designed and made by some of the best manufacturers in Europe."