Per Boman

Per Tannum "From Cinderella to Knight" Book

Kr 50

In connection with Norway Designs' 60th anniversary, we launched the biography of the founder of Norway Designs; Per Tannum " From Cinderella to Knight". The book is written by Per Boman, married to his daughter Liesel Tannum who already in 1962 took over the running of the Norway Designs store.

In 1933, Per Tannum started his own small furniture store in the center of Oslo. He was then 21 years old and the starting capital was NOK. NOK 375, which he received for his boat, which he then had to sacrifice. Per Tannum helped start many organizations with the aim of promoting Norwegian design; Norway Designs, Plus, Bonytt, Bruksbo, BoKredit among others. In 1966, 33 years after the opening of the small furniture store, Tannum was made a knight of the 1st class of the Royal Order of St. Olav for his work in "promoting Norwegian applied arts outside and at home".

  • Author:Per Boman
  • Number of pages:213
  • Printing and binding:Møklegaards Trykkerier AS
    Designed by Hans Petter Smedby