Skrufs Glasbruk

Skrufs Glasbruk Vase Column Medium 20cm

Kr 1.300

Kolonn is a glass vase designed by the Swedish designer Carina Seth-Andersson for Skrufs Glasbruk.

The flower bouquet really comes into its own in this stylish but decorative vase.

Skrufs Glasbruk has been run since 1897 and today it is owned and run by the Elm family from Skruv in Sweden. The whole family works at the glass factory. All products from Skruv's range are produced in their own cabin in Skruv. Everything is made by hand down to the smallest detail and tradition goes hand in hand with modern glass design.

  • Design:Carina Seth Andersson
  • Material:Glass
  • Dimensions:H20xD11.5cm
  • Color:Clear glass

Wash by hand. Make sure that the water is not too hot and that it does not change between cold and hot, as the glass may crack.