Karin Amdal

Karin Amdal Vase Sail Small Stoneware Red

Kr 1.400
A vase with a panel reminiscent of a sail. Instead of catching the wind, it catches the light well in the window sill. Hand-shaped in red stoneware clay.

The vase is g lasered on the inside, so it is tight. It may still be a good idea to put felt knobs or similar under the vase if you plan to keep it standing with water for a long time.

Karin Amdal is trained as an Art Director and has a Master of Design and Diploma of Ceramic Art. Karin has
lived many years in New Zealand, but growing up in Norway has had a great influence on her aesthetics. She works with simple shapes and draws sand from both New Zealand and Norway into the objects, to give the surfaces a more subtle tone and texture. Each part is individually built by hand.

  • Dimensions:H10cm, W10cm, Top 2.5cm, Bottom 3cm
  • Material:Stoneware clay
  • Color:Red