Sprekenhus Scented candle Balley Oud 270g

Kr 650

Supplier: Sprekenhus
Material: Glass
Scent: Balley Oud
Top: Pine needle, Pine, Cedar;
Middle: Cedar, Cedarwood, Birch
Base: Pyroligneous, Cherry, Musk.
Amount: 270g, approx. 40 hours
Ingredients: Soy wax

Balley Oud fills the room with a warm and soothing atmosphere. With a rich scent of wood and musk, and a well-thought-out aesthetic expression, the light is a pleasure for the senses. With hints of pine, cedar and an aromatic appearance, you can sit back and enjoy a well-composed fragrance with the carefully selected notes.

The light comes in an elegant white box with a small brochure. The dark glass is mouth -blown and exclusive and the wax is 100% natural.


Sprekenhus was established in Oslo in 2010 by Alexander Sprekenhus. Sprekenhus combines plant-based and laboratory-produced ingredients to create effective and well-balanced formulas. Their products are made with great commitment and joy in creating. As one of the most antioxidant-rich oils, they rate Argan oil very highly. The natural oil is their signature and is included in the products and provides unique and nurturing properties.

Sprekenhus ble etablert i Oslo i 2010 av Alexander Sprekenhus. Sprekenhus kombinerer plantebaserte og laboratorie-fremstilte ingredienser for å skape effektive og velbalanserte formulaer. Deres produkter er fremstilt med stort engasjement og glede over å skape. Som en av de mest antioksidant-rike oljene setter de Argan oljen svært høyt. Den naturlige oljen er deres signatur og er med i produktene og gir unike og pleiende egenskaper.

  • Mengde: 270g, brennetid ca 40 timer
  • Duft: Balley Oud Topp: Pine needle, Pine, Cedar; Midten: Cedar, Cedarwood, Birch Base: Pyroligneous, Cherry, Musk.
  • Ingredienser: Soyavoks