Paper anniversary!

Apr 29, 2015Heidi Stormoen

Time flies so fast here in paper heaven that we forgot to celebrate our 20th anniversary 2 years ago! We will do something about that, so this year there will be a little extra focus on paper throughout the year, with competitions, exhibitions, courses and the like!


The paper department opened under the management of Liesel Boman, the mother of today's general manager Runa Boman. She had long thought about creating a paper department, and in 1993 her wish was realized when she established a collaboration with the paper supplier Basberg Papir. Basberg Papir (which today is called Antalis) mainly turned to the printing industry, and wanted a showroom to which they could send their customers. For the paper department, this meant an easily accessible selection of paper qualities and envelopes that offered many creative possibilities. At this time, the paper department shared its premises with carpets and warehouses, and in 2003 it was expanded to the area it occupies today. We still have Antalis as our main paper supplier, in addition to office supplies, decorative paper, tools, packaging, boxes etc.

In addition to being a shop, we also have a workroom with equipment that our customers can come and borrow. Here you will find cutting machines, spiral machines, punching machines, tools and a staff of creative paper enthusiasts who will gladly help you get started with projects!

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