Ann Kristin Einarsen

Sep 16, 2015Linn Ellevseth

Ann Kristin Einarsen was born and raised in Narvik. She primarily works with sculptural objects, but also designs and produces functional handicrafts. The materials' inherent properties as well as the good craftsmanship are in focus.

Master's in fine arts from the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts

Born 1981


WELL - Well flowerpot is a new interpretation of the traditional terracotta pot. The unglazed pot absorbs water and helps retain moisture, while the glazed dish fills with water and allows the herbs to supply themselves with the water they need. The pots come in two sizes and are adapted to the herbs you buy in the grocery store .

STILLEBEN - Still life is a series of serving platters and bowls in various earthenware clays. The shapes are traditional but designed with a view to working together in various combinations. The three parts are intended for many functions and want to encourage play with composition and use.

Produced by Ann Kristin Einarsen - Photo: Anja Basma

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Sep 16, 2015