Halloween garlands

Oct 29, 2018Julia Kahrs

Halloween is fast approaching, and we've created a template that you can use to make garlands to set the mood for the weekend!


-scissors and/or scalpel
-cutting mat
-paper with a thickness of around 120-200gr
- hole puncher


Step 1: Print this template on an A4 sheet.
Step 2: Cut or cut out the shape you want to use. This is your template.
Step 3 : Then fold paper in the desired color in half, and place the template edge to edge with the fold (the straight edge of the template, against the folded edge of the paper.) The reason for folding the paper in half is because it is faster to cut out half a part, in addition to the shape automatically becoming symmetrical.
Step 4: Draw as many as you can fit along the edge, and cut or cut out the shapes.
Step 5: Holes with a hole punch machine as in the template, and thread the figures on a string of the appropriate length to where it will hang!

These are just three suggestions of what you can make - don't let your imagination stop you! Make spiders, ghosts, witch hats, fangs, cats, tombstones. The possibilities are many!

We have decorated the paper department - come by for help to get started!

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