Information for international customers


 International shipping

  • For international shipping you can send an email to
  • Minimum amount for international shipping is 1500 NOK. Shipping, taxes, insurance etc is not included and will be added to the total amount.


Sending gift card to your Norwegian friend

  • You can purchase a gift card through our online store here or you can send us an email to
  • Unfortunately the gift card can not be used in our online store, it can only be used in the physical store in Oslo. 
  • Let us know if you want us to write a message to your friend, and if you want us to ship the gift card to your friends address or if you want them to pick it up in our store. 
  • Shipping cost for gift card sent in Norway: under 1500 NOK shipping cost is 89 NOK, gift card over 1500 NOK is free shipping. 



All press and marketing requires can be sent to


If you have any questions you can send us an email to




About Norway Designs 

Norway Designs was established in 1957 by Per Tannum and is a lifestyle store focusing on Norwegian design and handicrafts from Norway and the Nordic countries. We believe in quality and sustainable production, good design and a holistic thinking that takes care of the small, unique quality products.
Norway Designs has always been, and will continue to be, a concept that breaks the traditional framework for what it means to be a store.
Our identity is rooted in cultural development. We work to make room for Norwegian design and handicrafts, lift objects into the light and
expand the space they are in.

Norway Designs has been a mecca in Norwegian design and crafts since 1957.