Solberg & Hansen 70g Advent tea

Kr 95

Supplier: Solberg & Hansen
Size: 70g
Amount: 3 g/dl
Brewing time:
2-3 minutes
100 C
Ingredients: black tea (85%), apple pieces, cinnamon, almond pieces, cinnamon flavoring, aroma, orange flavoring, vanilla flavoring, natural mandarin flavoring, bourbon vanilla extract. Allergens: Almonds. May contain traces of other nuts.

Adventsteen from Solberg & Hansen is a warm and spicy black tea with a taste of cinnamon, almond and apple.

Tea is a warming companion during the Advent season while you puzzle over Christmas preparations and count down to Christmas Eve. Here, full-bodied black tea meets the sweet flavors of fruit and spices, which are perfect for the winter weather.

Solberg & Hansen

The story of Solberg & Hansen begins in a colonial business in Oslo in 1879. A fateful meeting between two coffee-thirsty gentlemen, Carl Solberg and Fritjof Hansen, laid the foundation for one of Norway's most knowledge-hungry companies to see the light of day. Since then, they have been inspired by taste in the search for the world's best cup.

Historien om Solberg & Hansen begynner i en kolonialforretning i Oslo året 1879. Et skjebnebestemt møte mellom to kaffetørste herrer, Carl Solberg og Fritjof Hansen, la grunnlaget for at en av Norges mest kunnskapstørste bedrifter så dagens lys. Siden den gang har de latt seg inspirere av smak i jakten på verdens beste kopp kaffe eller te. 

  • Størrelse: 70g
  • Ingredienser:sSort te, eplebiter, kanel, aroma, mandelbiter, bourbonvaniljeekstrakt. Allergener: mandler. Kan inneholde spor av andre nøtter.
  • Mengde: 3 g/dl
  • Bryggetid: 2-3 minutter
  • Temp: 100 C