Linaker Ornament Hanging Turned Rosewood/Beech 35cm

Kr 10.000

Supplier: Linaker Møbelverksted
Material: Beech, Rosewood
Dimensions: H: approx. 35cm, Ø: approx. 10cm
Maintenance: Wipe with a cloth

The ornaments are made of wood, which originates from Rasmus Solberg's furniture production in the 1950s-60s.

The wood was bought at fairs in France in the late 1940s, and was stored until Henning Linaker bought the remaining stock. As the wood has been stored for 70 years, it officially qualifies as re-use of wood species. Today, these endangered species of wood cannot be traded freely.

This makes these ornaments completely unique. They are turned in Linaker's workshop in Oslo, with incredible precision, respect and great love for wood.

Linaker Furniture Workshop

Linaker produces furniture and accessories by hand in his workshop in Oslo from fallen trees. Oslo Bruk is a sawmill in the start-up phase, which receives, processes and sells trees and timber from Oslo and the surrounding area. The sawmill, located in Middelalderparken in the heart of Old Oslo, is a local grassroots investment and a solution to the environmental waste that lies in the current handling of city trees as waste. They only accept trees that have died of natural causes, or that for other reasons have to be removed. Their view is that urban trees have their highest value where they are rooted. Oslo Bruk is working to develop a business model that prevents a significant volume of trees from being handled as pure waste when they have reached the end of their life. Trees that have been cared for and looked after for generations, for their environmental benefit and radiance, they want to refine into materials and give them a new function and place in the local environment and society.