Mossige GoldLab

Mossige GoldLab Crystalized Pendant Small w/Chain Gilded Silver

Kr 1.950

Supplier: Christine Mossige
Materials: 925 silver, gold-plated
Dimensions: Pendant approx. 1.3x1cm. Chain 50cm
Maintenance: Can be washed gently with mild soapy water to remove dirt. Avoid direct contact with strong perfumes and creams to preserve your jewelery for longer. Please store the jewelery in an airtight bag when not in use.
Please note that the gilding will wear slightly with use.

Beautiful pendants with crystallized texture. Crystallized is a small series of jewelery in which crystal structures are reproduced in gilded silver. At the micro level, metals, like stones, are built up of crystal structures. Mossige is fascinated by the fact that crystal structures are found in so many places in nature, and is attracted to the beauty of the structure itself.

She has a strong interest in all types of stones and likes to work with the contrast between the fine, perfect and the rough and basic in both metals and stones.

The pendant comes with a chain.

Read more about the process here.

About Christine Mossige

Christine Mossige is a qualified goldsmith and has a versatile background with, among other things, studies in art and art history in Oslo, and studies in jewelery design at the Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence, Italy. In September 2017, Mossige established her own workshop and gallery in premises that she shares with her sister, artist and ceramist Cecilie Mossige. In the workshop in Holmenkollen, Mossige works on her own projects as an artisan and jewelery designer, combined with other goldsmith work, and makes special jewelery to order.