Kaja Gjedebo

Kaja Gjedebo Bumbleberry Earrings Silver

Kr 2.025

The bestseller Bumbleberry from Kaja Gjedebo are nice curved earrings that curve around your earlobe in a flattering way. The earring consists of three layers that are delicately soldered on top of each other to create the expression.

The earrings are ideal if you want to cover up your earlobe or one piercing that has had a long hole.

Kaja Gjedebo studied both jewelery and furniture design at Edinburgh College of Art. This divergence of skill is evident in the wide range of designs by KGD. Kaja is not guided by trends, but rather by her personal interests. The result is elegant and timeless jewelery that combines natural forms with delicate construction.

  • Material:925 Silver
  • Dimensions:20x22mm

Store your jewelery in an airtight bag. Use a cleaning cloth and products suitable for cleaning silver jewellery. Jewelry with stones should not
placed in a cleaning bath. Never store your jewelery in the bathroom.