Traveler's Company

Traveler's Company Notebook Passport 004 Plastic pocket

Kr 95
Supplier: Traveler's Company
Material: Plastic
Dimensions : H13xW19cm

Transparent plastic pocket with "zipper" makes it easy to store tickets, receipts etc. At the other end there are two plastic pockets that you can use to put in photographs and other small treasures you find on your travels. Fits Traveler's Notebook Passport.

Traveller's Company

Traveler's Company is a Japanese company that started its development of the Traveler's Notebook concept in 2006. They regularly expand their range of accessories and refill notebooks with various papers in great Japanese quality. One starts with a Traveler's leather cover and selects notebooks with suitable paper; watercolor, lined or classic blank writing paper. There are a number of different notebook refills to choose from , all of which fit in the cover. If you want to have several different notebooks at the same time, you can easily supplement and fasten them with elastics. This is how you create a completely unique notebook where you can easily replace the various books when they are full of thoughts and ideas.