Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Bloom Botanica Vase Medium 22cm

Kr 1.200

Supplier: Georg Jensen
Design: Helle Damkjær

Material: Bright stainless steel
Dimensions: H22cm x Ø opening 8cm x W13cm
Maintenance: See tips for maintenance here

The Bloom Botanica vase captures the moment a flower bud opens to reveal its petals, beautifully reminding us that a new spring is on its way. Whether you want a single flower or put several in different sizes together for a bouquet, the vase's sculptural quality adds a strong design element to any interior.

Danish-born Helle Damkjær approaches her designs in a very special way, and creates all objects carefully in clay to ensure that they get exactly the shape she wants, before she transfers it to the real material. This gives her work a distinctive warmth and softness that explains part of the universal success of her Bloom collection for Georg Jensen.

Georg Jensen

With a history spanning more than 100 years, Georg Jensen represents unique craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design ranging from small silverware to watches, jewelery and products for the home.

Georg Jensen's own philosophy was to create democratic design with both functionality and beauty. His craftsmanship and artistic talent, combined with his ability to identify and support design talent, were the foundations on which he built the Georg Jensen business in Copenhagen in 1904.

  • Design: Helle Damkjær
  • Materiale: Blankt Rustfritt stål
  • Dimensjoner: H22cm x Ø åpning 8cm x B13cm

Håndvask. Vi anbefaler ikke at interiørprodukter av rustfritt stål tas i oppvaskmaskin. Det kan lage riper i delene, og saltet og vaskemiddelet kan etterlate sorte merker og flekker på overflaten.