Vito Design Faerder Light Black

Kr 2.000

Supplier: Vito Design
Design: Torsteinsen Design

Material: Powder-coated steel, Glass (The glass is 4-5 mm thick and hand-blown)
Dimensions: Ø: 22.5 cm, H: 54 cm
Weight: 3.6 kg

This lantern is a dedication to Færder Lighthouse, with its beam of 19 nautical miles. The lighthouse has a long history that goes back to 1697, and the story behind today's lighthouse began, like this lantern's, at Bærums Verk. Huge iron parts were cast here and later transported down to Tjøme, where the lighthouse's 47 meters were then erected on the middle of the Tristein Islands in the outer Oslofjord. The lighthouse was commissioned in 1857. Today, the lantern's designers, Torsteinsen Design, are based at Bærums Verk. More than 160 years after today's Færder Lighthouse was completed, some of the lighthouse's light, solidity and weight still lives on here through modern Norwegian design.

The stylish lantern has a practical handle that makes it easy to move it around. The light holder intended for crown lights (22mm) is attached with a magnet that can be removed and replaced with a thicker light or a simple oil lamp. The top ring that holds the glass in place is attached with a magnet on each side, making it easy to remove the glass for cleaning.

The lantern is produced in powder-coated steel. First, a layer of so-called "Zinc primer" is applied, then a layer of powder lacquer for outdoor use. Powder lacquer is the paint industry's answer to the green alternative. It does not contain solvents of any kind and is therefore a more eco-friendly alternative. This is something Vito Design is interested in, and precisely for environmentally friendly reasons have also chosen to keep production here in Europe.Powder coating provides a harder and more resistant surface treatment than traditional solvent-based coating.

The powder coating protects well against rust, but in the event of a blow that wounds the paintwork, rust may develop over time. Vito Design will operate with a 2-year warranty on the product. Self-inflicted damage is not covered by this warranty.

The lantern is intended for both indoor and outdoor use, and does well in both places. However, it is recommended to take the lantern inside if it is not in use for long periods.

Vito Design

In 2020, Vito Design AS established its own brand, 60graderNord. Vito Design has its origins in the Oslo area, hence the name of the brand. Under this brand, you can find, as of today, the lantern Færder - a stylish tribute to Norwegian design and Norwegian history.