Stefan Papir

Stefan Papir False leg 15 cm

Kr 120

Supplier: Stefan Papir
Material: Ox bone
Dimensions: 15 x 2 cm

False leg made from beef bone. 15 cm long. A creasing leg is a tool used to score and fold paper and cardboard.

Groove: Drag the pointed tip of the fold bone along a ruler where you want to mark a fold edge. The fibers in the paper will then break so that you will get a neat and sharp groove. The paper will then fold easily along this groove.

Fold: Fold the paper in half and gently press the paper together with the flat side of the fold bone along where the fold edge should be. This way the paper will have a neat and flat folding edge.

Stefan Paper

Stefan Papir is a Norwegian brand run by Stefan Govasli and Jan Rune Vikan. Their vision is to offer products with a frugal and comprehensive design, and from the workshop at Tøyen they design, among other things, gift wrapping paper, paper bags, labels, gift ribbons and stickers. All the paper is recyclable and several of the products are made from recycled paper. After working with paper since 2001, Govasli was inspired to develop his own products. He is currently responsible for design, purchasing and product development at Stefan Papir, in addition to being head of the paper department at Norway Designs.