Rut Fjågesund

Rut Fjågesund Wooden bowl Hand decoration 20cm Maple

Kr 3.000

Beautiful hand-turned maple bowl with carved details from Seljord, Telemark. The bowl has a simple and functional design and is made from a piece of wood. Rut Fjågesund masters using old craft techniques to create a more timeless and stylish expression. The bowl is unique.

Rut Fjågesund (born 1993) lives and works in Lunde, Telemark. She is a qualified art and design teacher. During the autumn of 2021, she immersed herself in woodturning, and has worked with this since then. The design language is inspired by the Nordic design style, with simple and functional shapes in local natural materials from Telemark. The craftsmanship and materials are in focus. Rut has turned all the products on a lathe, but all the decor is carved by hand. The products are unique.

Material:Payment. All the wood is from Telemark
Dimensions:Height 5cm, Ø20cm

The bowl is inserted with Osmo topoil in it to prevent yellowing and provide protection. Can be used in contact with food. We recommend only using the bowls for dry food. Regular oiling is recommended for the product to have a longer life. If you want to preserve the same color and surface, it is recommended to use the same oil. A good and cheaper alternative to these oils are neutral cooking oils such as rapeseed and sunflower, but these can turn yellow somewhat. Do not use olive oil, as this can turn rancid over time.

The product is turned in one whole piece of wood. In other words, it is not glued, which makes it easier for the product to stick. As far as possible, it is recommended not to wash with water. Wash off with a damp cloth. If you have to wash the product with soap and water, it is advisable to wet the entire product and then dry well with a towel at once.