Ragnhild Wik

Ragnhild Wik Bolle Stoneware Hand painted Black

Kr 5.500

Designer: Ragnhild Wik
Ø top 34cm, Ø bottom 10 cm . Height 14cm
Material: Stoneware
Colour: Black

Beautiful hand-shaped stoneware bowl with black glaze from Ragnhild Wik. The dish is unique.

Ragnhild Wik

Ragnhild Wik has a background as design manager at Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik and as one of the founders of the Wik & Walsøe brand, Wik has gained massive experience within the commercial industrial design field. In 2012, Ragnhild Wik began experimenting with designing handmade ceramic objects and in 2014, Ragnhild Wik chose to leave the company she helped build up, to establish her own ceramics workshop in a stable in Schweigaardsgate in the old town of Oslo.