Nygårdsanna V-Neck Vest Nature

Kr 2.660
Vest in wool with V-neck. The vest has a purl edge around the armholes and neck and a wide purl at the bottom. The vest is super cool over a t-shirt or shirt, and provides that little extra warmth you need on a cooler day.

Nygårdsanna's clothes are modest and subdued. They should never drown out the wearer. For Nygårdsanna, no garment is ready until a person wears it, before it becomes someone's. The clothes must also fit different bodies. The color scale is taken from nature. There are intermediate colors which are strong without being clear, but which are more muted or almost faded hues. The garments are made to be used, worn and patinated. All the clothes from Nygårdsanna's various collections throughout the ages can be combined. Although they are completely different, they follow a clear vision. This also applies to the colors.

Material:100% Wool. Color:Natural white Fit:Normal to slim fit Country of manufacture:Serbia

Wash by hand or in a machine, but only on a wool wash programme. Dry flat. Remember that wool is self-cleaning, and can often be aired instead of washed