Livid Tiki Japan Noil Silk Shirt Taupe

Kr 2.700

Tiki is a classic from Livid, a shirt with a large and straight fit, which has a straight finish at the front, and a curved finish at the back. Tiki has buttons in mother-of-pearl, both in the buttoning at the front and on the cuffs. This Tiki shirt is made in noil silk woven at the artisan company Kowa in Japan. The combination of good craftsmanship and a fantastic silk quality gives the shirt an elegant expression.

Noil silk is produced with the shorter silk fibers that remain after the production of other silks. When these shorter fibers are spun, it gives the yarn a rougher texture and a duller surface compared to other silks. The textile is stronger than cotton and the fabric is temperature-regulating and has a beautiful fall.

Livid Jeans is a Norwegian clothing brand that is inspired by the Japanese cut and modern Scandinavian design. Livid Jeans makes great jeans and also has collections of clothes in other materials. They are passionate about quality, both in the choice of textiles, the production and what kind of conditions the employees have in the factories they use.

Production takes place in Portugal and Norway.

Material:100% Noil Silk Fit:Wide, choose your normal size if you want it to run large, or go down a size or 2 for a slimmer fit Color:Light grey/Beige Country of manufacture:Portugal

Follow the washing instructions on the product